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UWAA Member Update

Howdy Washington Huskies!

It's Adam @ Undertow Trading with an update regarding our UWAA Member Benefit. The member benefit is now a better deal than what is posted on the UWAA website!

Due to Shopify being finnicky with respect to discount codes and subscriptions, the 3 month subscription minimum to receive 20% off is gone, and applies to all orders* and coffee subscriptions.

* - Gift cards are exempt from the 20% off discount.


We've also reduced the free shipping threshold from $100 to $40 for UWAA Members.

Utilizing your Member Benefit:

  1. Visit our listing on the UWAA Website:
  2. Login using your UWAA membership details, and the discount codes will become visible on our member benefits page. Both of the discount codes should sound familiar!
  3. At Checkout, enter both codes to receive your 20% off, and free shipping for orders over $40, and yes, they do stack!


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